Brooke - Senior Portraits

October 10, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Brooke wanted to know if we could get some photos of her with her horse as well as some portraits at the beach.  Of course that would have been fine, but you know what's even better?  Portraits of her on her horse at the beach!

BrookeTurinSenior02BrookeTurinSenior02 BrookeTurinSenior06BrookeTurinSenior06 BrookeTurinSenior04BrookeTurinSenior04 BrookeTurinSenior23BrookeTurinSenior23 BrookeTurinSenior24BrookeTurinSenior24 BrookeTurinSenior29BrookeTurinSenior29 BrookeTurinSenior32BrookeTurinSenior32 BrookeTurinSenior34BrookeTurinSenior34 BrookeTurinSenior35BrookeTurinSenior35 BrookeTurinSenior39BrookeTurinSenior39 BrookeTurinSenior42BrookeTurinSenior42


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