Amanda - Senior Portraits

July 18, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Amanda's senior portrait shoot was great, from the studio shots, to the volleyball portraits at her school gym, to the sunset photos on the beach.  It was so great that she was convinced that we were finished and there was no need for more photos.  I talked her into doing one more shot at the end and put her in the middle of a tiny planet image showcasing the Lake Superior shoreline.

AmandaPanttiSenior05AmandaPanttiSenior05 AmandaPanttiSenior07-8x10AmandaPanttiSenior07-8x10 AmandaPanttiSenior10AmandaPanttiSenior10 AmandaPanttiSenior19AmandaPanttiSenior19 AmandaPanttiSenior24AmandaPanttiSenior24 AmandaPanttiSenior21AmandaPanttiSenior21 AmandaPanttiSenior28AmandaPanttiSenior28 AmandaPanttiSenior37AmandaPanttiSenior37 AmandaPanttiSenior41AmandaPanttiSenior41 AmandaPanttiSenior42AmandaPanttiSenior42 AmandaPanttiSenior43AmandaPanttiSenior43


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