Becca - Senior Portraits

July 07, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

I got to try a few different things with Becca's senior portraits.  Her mom wanted to have photos done in an old abandoned school building where she had gone to elementary school as a child.  It just so happens that I also went to the same elementary school, and they shut it down just one year after I moved on to junior high.  It was sort of surreal to be back in the building and see it crumbling, but it's definitely an interesting setting for photography.  The last image here was taken in what used to be my sixth grade classroom!

I also tried a new technique I have been practicing called "tiny planets."  The image of Becca lying in a field is a tiny planet shot... it's obvious where the name comes from.  This is the first time I've done it on a portrait shoot, and I like the results.

BeccaWarnkeSenior06BeccaWarnkeSenior06 BeccaWarnkeSenior14BeccaWarnkeSenior14 BeccaWarnkeSenior23BeccaWarnkeSenior23 BeccaWarnkeSenior25BeccaWarnkeSenior25 BeccaWarnkeSenior39BeccaWarnkeSenior39 BeccaWarnkeSenior44BeccaWarnkeSenior44 BeccaWarnkeSenior48BeccaWarnkeSenior48 BeccaWarnkeSenior51BeccaWarnkeSenior51 BeccaWarnkeSenior54BeccaWarnkeSenior54 BeccaWarnkeSenior58BeccaWarnkeSenior58


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