Chris & Elyssa - Grand Rapids Engagement Photos

April 18, 2014  •  9 Comments

These are some of my favorites from Chris and Elyssa's engagement session in Grand Rapids last week.  We started off taking advantage of some of the downtown architecture and scenery and then finished up with some beautiful golden sunset light in a quiet park overlooking the city.






I'm a total sucker for a silhouette, and I LOOOOVE that last one. Great stuff, Tim!
Kat Forsyth(non-registered)
Wow, those evening portraits with the cityscape in the background are stunning! And the last set with the full-on golden light!
Really love your flash use on the ones with the clouds in the background, super pretty!
lovely photographs - you really captured their happiness and they look very comfortable in front of the camera
Amazing images, Tim. Lot the variety. Those last backlit images by the sun are pure magic.
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