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Mariah - Senior Portraits

August 22, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

We got a great mix of indoor, outdoor, and sports photos for Mariah's senior portraits.  She's both a volleyball player and a cheerleader, so we went to her high school gym to capture her in her natural environment for those sports.  The shot of her doing a "scorpion" against a studio backdrop just wouldn't have the same effect.

MariahMoilanenSenior06MariahMoilanenSenior06 MariahMoilanenSenior11MariahMoilanenSenior11 MariahMoilanenSenior20MariahMoilanenSenior20 MariahMoilanenSenior39MariahMoilanenSenior39 MariahMoilanenSenior43MariahMoilanenSenior43 MariahMoilanenSenior41MariahMoilanenSenior41 MariahMoilanenSenior47MariahMoilanenSenior47 MariahMoilanenSenior53MariahMoilanenSenior53 MariahMoilanenSenior51MariahMoilanenSenior51 MariahMoilanenSenior58MariahMoilanenSenior58 MariahMoilanenSenior60MariahMoilanenSenior60


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